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"Return to the Spiritual"
Seeley Kinne


Adam was created to be entirely under the "control" of the Spirit of the Lord.  Therefore, this was his normal state of being.  He was as at home in the Spirit as a fish is at home in water.  But this "quality" of life was forfeited through transgression.


The ultimate purpose of the atonement of Jesus upon the cross is to restore us to this normal state of "divine relationship and control," with additional blessings of higher privilege.


Over and again the Lord's effort has sought to bring us back into this place of total Holy Spirit control.  But the denseness and self-centeredness of man, along with the wiles of Satan, have hindered the plan of God.


Since the redeemed are yet incapable of sustaining this life of fullness under the Holy Spirit's power and control, such as Adam experienced, the Lord has made available to us "gifting" of the Holy Spirit, which are parts of "Holy Spirit activities" divided to different individuals.


This Holy Spirit baptized and gifted Body of Christ, when operating through this Holy Spirit enabling and gifting, equals the original state of Adam, and on occasion excels, for the last Adam is greater than the first.


Our birth into this world ushers us into a developing state of "sense-relationship" to our environment.  Our intelligence and will power directs and controls the activities of each member of our body.  Without direction from our mind, our members do not act.


So also, the New Birth brings us into a developing "conscious relationship" to the Lord, and to the spiritual world.  In the supernatural realm, Jesus is the Head, and without Him, the members do not act.  But the professing Church often seeks useless remedies, neglecting and forgetting Christ, her true Head.  Therefore, she has not progressed as far into spiritual maturity as intended.


A child, when born into this world, is helpless and mentally inactive; so also, one born into the Body of Christ is a mere babe in spirituals.  Therefore, the need of care and training in spirituals is very great.  The Apostle Paul said,


"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant."  Corinthians 12:1


The Church, as a corporate body, is the place of His operation, in which the source of all activity is the power of God manifested through the movement of the Holy Spirit.  All power and working of man is therefore an intrusion.


The workings of the Holy Spirit are internal, invisible, and spiritual.  But they are not limited, or confined to the inner man.  They become outward and visible, as His witness, through the operation of gift ministries.


When one is baptized in the Spirit, he is endowed with His ministry gift, or gifts of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit's use of our voice is called prophecy - God speaking or acting by the members of man.  For the body to grow up into Christ in all things, each member must supply its individual part.  The nature and existence of the Church of Jesus Christ is of such a glorious heavenly nature.


"For it is under His direction that the whole body is perfectly adjusted and united by every joint that furnishes its supplies; and by the proper functioning of each particular part, there is brought about the growing of the Body for its building up in love."  Ephesians 4:16 Williams


At this present time, there is a mighty call going forth to the people of God to return to Jesus as the true Head, to find their place in His Body, and function under His direct control.


Man can be so deceived that he will produce substitutes for the true and glorious body of Jesus Christ moving and operating through these giftings; but the hour is at hand for God to restore His Church in power and glory.


Happy are those who find their way into a place of worship where the Lord's presence and power are both acknowledged and sought after.




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